Customer feedback for your business

Automatically determine NPS, CSAT and CES and use artificial intelligence to gain insights into how customers perceive your business. It's simple, easy and fast!

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Instant Feedback

Let your customers reach you after every transaction with pertinent info that will help make your business better.

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Customer Experience

Drive loyalty at every point along the customer journey and create experiences that keep customers wanting more.

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AI enabled

Easily analyze insights to uncover what people care about, prioritize actions and predict their behavior.

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Great Support

We stick around to help you get started with Oxigin by provding timely support just when you need it.

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How It Works

It's simple and easy to use

Businesses can create quick surveys to measure net promoter score (NPS), customer satisfaction (CSAT) and customer effort score (CES). Once a survey is created, Oxigin generates a unique web link that you can share to your customers via email or SMS or use in generating a QR code.

Customers can send their feedback by clicking on the link in their email, SMS or simply scan a QR code to send quick feedback directly to your business. Once feedback is received, our system processes it and generates meaningful insights for your business.

Our Promise

We Deliver Value

Go beyond measurement and turn customer feedback into something you act on. Listen to customers at every stage of their journey and clearly understand how to improve their experience.

Keep a pulse on your brand reputation with constant monitoring and analysis of your reviews. Send recommended solutions generated from key insights to your team, so they can take actions that will improve the experience and boost your business.

Why Choose Oxigin?

Everything you need

We’re CX experts passionate about helping you keep your customers happy. And we deliver your business results to smile about. What’s more impressive than our software? Our industry-leading Customer Success Team. We put our heart into reaching your goals.

Oxigin offers powerful analytics that you can actually understand. Our industry-leading analytics enables you to dive deep into the root-cause analysis. With a simple pricing model, Oxigin is the most affordable but efficient customer feedback tool on the market. It's that simple!

Supercharge your customer experience program

You're in safe hands. Oxigin is used by lots of great businesses.